For Landlords / Property Owners

Our landlords are our business partners

“MyDesk spaces brings an amazing, new opportunity for Real Estate Developers and Landlords to not only earn a hassle-free, higher rental income, but also to become a part of the biggest revolution in the office space industry. MyDesk spaces has successfully led and popularized the co-working movement. MyDesk has 5 co-working offices in Bangalore that are running at full capacity, with a waiting list. We’ve achieved high levels of operation efficiency to run the business profitably, keeping it hassle free and predictable for landlords. We invite you to become a part of this movement.”


1. Apply

Spare about 10 minutes to fill out the form, then sit back and relax while our team reviews your application.

2. Assessment

Basic assessment and inspection will be done to ensure your place meets our requirements. This will be followed by a quick meeting with our representative.

3. Offer

Post our meeting, we propose to you our offer.

4. Infrastructural development

A few days are spared to turn the space into a JustDesk! We come out with a plan to promote this new workspace.

5. End result

Voila! Welcome to the co-working revolution.


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